Best Local TV Anchor (2004)

Tom Koch Every anchor, from the networks on down, has to unleash the occasional amusing asides and anecdotes -- those supposedly spontaneous but carefully scripted lines to show how human and personable these made-up personalities are. But something's different about Tom Koch; the guy from Oshkosh U (no kidding) can't help but radiate a genuine, energetic enthusiasm and love of the business. That's not easy at 5 a.m., much less so when he does it again on the same day for the afternoon broadcast. His smooth delivery and grasp of the news (he's been with the station since 1982, including several years as a reporter) can rival any street reporter or anchor. But Tom Terrific's best trait is one that beams through the TV: He knows best how to take his work seriously without taking himself too seriously. It's a lesson the rest of the anchor crews should learn.

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