Best Local TV News Reporter (2004)

Katie McCall Ever since it hit the air four years ago, KHWB's nightly 9 p.m. news broadcast has been a welcome addition to the Houston media scene -- solid reporting, not a lot of glitzy hidden-camera investigations of strip clubs. Epitomizing the station's less-frills, more-facts approach is night reporter Katie McCall. A cum laude graduate of Vanderbilt (in Spanish and English, no less; no RTF major here), she's been at KHWB since the start-up, having come over from a Tucson station. The Chicago native was the first to report that Andrea Yates had been hospitalized after refusing food; less seriously, she landed the only interview with Janet Jackson's tailor after the Super Bowl. Whether it's the Enron epic or the latest weather disaster, McCall brings a sharp eye and an aggressiveness to get the story, and get it right.

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