Best Neighborhood Association (2004)

Washington Terrace Civic Association Bordered by Alabama, Blodgett, Ennis, Cleburne and Almeda streets, the neighborhood of Washington Terrace, which surrounds Texas Southern University, is right smack in the middle of the redevelopment maelstrom gripping the Third Ward. Goal No. 1 is to preserve the fabric of the community (WTCA wants to maintain its single-family-home feel and stop town houses from moving in). Cheryl Armitige, the president of the WTCA, says it's a matter of dedication and participation: "Our group works because we all work together. We have young people, older people, renters and owners representing us." But this association isn't dedicated to only redevelopment issues; neighborhood beautification is imperative, and WTCA holds the city's feet to the fire when it comes to faulty traffic lights, deed restrictions and public works cleanups. The association also honors local businesses (recently, Jackson Funeral Home) and individuals (such as local schoolteachers and retired WTCA president Joyce Williams) in successful fund-raisers every other year.

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