Best Mac 'n' Cheese (2004)

Cleburne Cafeteria Many of the faithful who line up at West U's Cleburne Cafeteria can afford to eat at fine restaurants where the food isn't served on gray plastic trays. But Cleburne owner George Mickelis seems to have tapped into their inner eight-year-old with his macaroni and cheese. The macaroni pasta itself is never soggy, dry or rubbery. You can actually taste the fresh milk in his smooth, buttery light yellow cheese (a shock to those accustomed to the bright orange glaze of Kraft's boxed variety). And there's a slight sweetness to this concoction that makes it even more addictive. After one serving you'll discover why Cleburne's version of this dish, normally relegated to midnights and microwaves, is the essence of comfort food.

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