Best Korean Restaurant (2004)

Green Pine Tree Bar & Grill This friendly Korean sushi bar and barbecue joint gives you your choice of sitting out in the middle of the action at one of the barbecue grill tables, or hiding away in a private dining nook. The barbecue table has a gas grill recessed into the middle. You cook your own meat and then roll it up in romaine leaves, taco-style. There are garlic slivers and pepper slices to grill with the meats, and a dozen little bowls filled with kimchi, pickled seaweed, dried fish, potato salad, hot sauce and other condiments are delivered to your table automatically. The No. 1 family-style dinner with the "variety meats" is the typical order for Koreans. But unless you love tripe and intestines, stick with the American-friendly Nos. 2 or 3, which feature steak, bulgogi and seafood, but no offal. "And never go out for Korean barbecue on a date," our waitress jokes. "Your clothes will smell like smoke and meat all night."


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