Best Magazine Selection (2004)

Issues In this Webby world, the idea of a store stocking nothing but magazines might seem quaint. But the recently opened Issues on Shepherd just north of Richmond proves beyond a doubt there's still life left in the dead-tree trade. More than 3,000 titles line the walls, and the owners are eager to stock any request you have. Where else in Houston can you find such sterling titles as Sport Rocketry, or the fishing mag Crappie World? Where else can a Marilyn Manson fan ogle the black-eyelidded honeys in Gothic Beauty just a few steps from a clean-cut studious type perusing Biblical Archeological Review? Not to mention everyone's ability to purchase Y'all -- The Magazine of Southern People, featuring Jeff Foxworthy on its glossy cover the month we saw it. Drop in to Issues and find a world of things you never knew had an entire magazine devoted to them. It's like a great random tour of the Web without all the annoying pop-up ads.

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