Best Civil Attorney (2004)

Richard Mithoff Hard-core neo-cons and corporate guys whine about troublemaking plaintiffs' lawyers, but they actually sweat and pull at their collars when it comes to Richard Mithoff. When officials wanted to sweep away the furor over the senseless police shooting of Pedro Oregon, he kept pursuing the truth. Mithoff also demanded that surgical outfits and doctors be held accountable for a string of badly botched stomach-stapling operations. And he was in the lead on a $1 billion settlement with manufacturers whose faulty artificial hips caused agony for thousands of recipients, many of them poor and elderly. This legal dynamo developed his considerable skills, grace and guts under the best: U.S. District Judge William Wayne Justice and attorney Joe Jamail. Now even corporations recognize his credibility and brilliance (he's representing JPMorgan Chase in the Enron cases). His low-key friendliness and philanthropy reflect his character, and if that's not enough, the guy climbs mountains for fun (Kilimanjaro was his last). We're just glad he's on our side.


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