State Representative-elect Alma Allen Democratic State Representative Ron Wilson reeked of political arrogance long before he joined the Tom DeLay-led redistricting drive, which will further reroute much-needed state help from the inner-city District 131. Wilson thumbed his nose at the people who needed him most; he even hurled savage taunts at such effective leaders as fellow representative Garnet Coleman. But defeating a 27-year incumbent, even a turncoat one, is a daunting task for any Democrat. The party, and the people of the district, can be thankful that educator Alma Allen was up to that considerable challenge. Her 14 years on the state Board of Education, and her proven credibility and candor, provided the experience and above-the-fray dignity that Wilson couldn't offer. If the Democrats ever rebound from the GOP beatings, there better be many more Alma Allens ready to step forward. Wilson, who resigned as a lame duck in August, claimed to be "ecstatic" about his loss. The party faithful get that same feeling about Allen, a candidate with real class.


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