Best Green Building (2004)

Delaney Hall The "What would Jesus drive?" bumper stickers aren't likely to be succeeded by "Where would Jesus hang?" varietals, but the question is nonetheless worth asking. If the Lord were to pick His favorite Houston building, He might choose Delaney Hall, the new earth-friendly addition to the Emerson Unitarian Church. The brick building will soon become the first church in Texas to meet stringent Leadership in Environmental Design standards, which have become the benchmark for eco-friendly architecture. The structure takes a load off Mother Earth with auto-shutoff faucets, carpet made from recycled materials and a metal roof that reflects light to reduce cooling bills. It uses 30 percent less water and energy than a conventional building, despite being built on a tight construction budget, says Rebecca Bryant of Ray Bailey Architects. Even the landscaping is earth-friendly: The native varieties planted here drink less than imported varieties, and they attract butterflies to the adjacent playground.


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