Best Place for a Lunchtime Tryst (2004)

Skyline Bar and Grill People love a good view. It's so steadfast a truth, in fact, that when the Hiltons opened a restaurant on the top floor of their new downtown convention center hotel, they named it Skyline Bar and Grill. The marketing team, no doubt, was promptly given a bonus. The Hilton is located stealthily on the outskirts of downtown, so if you're meeting that secret someone (or if just the thought of walking a block in Houston's heat makes you sweat), the valet will gladly accommodate you. The drinks and French/ Mediterranean/Asian fusion fare are a bit pricey, but you knew that going in. It's the Hilton, not Motel 6. So enjoy your lunch, blow a kiss, look into each other's eyes and then get a room.

Location Details

1600 Lamar St.
Houston TX 77010


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