Best Place to Act Like a Japanese Schoolgirl (2004)

Super Happy Fun Land Tucked into a low-slung, lime-green bungalow in the Heights, a half-block down from a perpetually whirring metal-fence factory, Super Happy Fun Land is a Shangri-la of cute, zany dorkdom. Only here can you sit on a futon, snuggle with an array of custom sock monkeys and play Parcheesi while listening to bands such as Ctrl+Alt+Del and Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment. The adjoining art gallery, with its baby-blue walls and frequently cartoonish exhibits, looks like the perfect place to meet a big-eyed model straight out of the cult-classic Japanese fashion book Fruits. It's no wonder the club hosted the renowned Japanese electroclash band Polysics this year, or that it's the regular meeting place for the anime club. So strap on your leg warmers and plaid skirt, give a little giggle and head to Super Happy Fun Land, the coolest geeky place in town.


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