State Representative Bill Callegari Those maniacal westside GOPers usually go off the deep end, they but some show real savvy about the system. The best example for the last four years has been their support of low-profile, mild-mannered grandfather of 11 Bill Callegari. He gives constituents real information and representation rather than the sorry hardline rhetoric spewed by the likes of congressmen such as John Culberson and Tom DeLay. Callegari is a civil engineer and a civil person, the kind who rejects cheap partisan ploys in favor of achieving results for his district. When the Houston Community College System tried to ram annexation down his constituents' throats, Callegari's good standing among Democrats as well as Republicans made him a natural leader during the controversy. And who better to keep the political crap away than a guy with a class A certification in wastewater operations? Legislators from both sides should take a cue from a straight shooter like Callegari.


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