Houston Texans Never has a team been adopted so quickly and so ferociously as the expansion Houston Texans. The ever-disappointing Oilers and their Snidely Whiplash owner are a distant memory as Reliant Stadium rocks to its rivets for every home game. The Texans themselves do more than their share, rarely getting blown out at home and providing unforgettable thrills, like the franchise-opening win over the hated Cowboys that forever cemented the team in the city's heart. The stadium gets unbelievably loud on Sundays -- the Super Bowl was a sedate gathering compared to some Texans games -- and the knowledgeable and frothing fans make it the place to be at least eight times a year. What will happen when the Texans finally make the playoffs is anyone's guess, but we're betting engineers will have to stay alert to see the place doesn't shake off its foundation.


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