Best Place for a Pickup Game (2004)

Fonde Community Center We give this place props for being a decent recreation center and an amazingly good spot to watch or play a little afternoon ball. Here's the draw: With the cost of NBA tickets going from obscene to laughable, there may be no better spot in the state to watch NBA ballers converge than at Fonde Recreation Center. Former Rocket (and current Orlando Magic) guard Steve "Franchise" Francis hoops it up here with friend and fellow guard Cuttino Mobley. Hall of Famer and Rocket big man Moses Malone also plays here, and there have been sightings of Nick Van Exel, Sam Cassell and Damon Stoudamire. You can get your B-ball fix anywhere, but this is one of the few spots where you can actually tell your friends, "Dude, (insert NBA star here) just dunked on me!"


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