Best Place to Walk Your Dog (2004)

Corner of Montrose and Allen Parkway Is your dog tired of walking around the same old block? Peeing on the same phone pole might be cool during the week, but when Saturday rolls around, your pooch wants some excitement. The park off the Eleanor Tinsley trail at the corner of Montrose and Allen Parkway is just the place. Great Danes mingle with cocker spaniels, shih tzus cuddle with yorkie-poos -- and Chihuahuas look on nervously. If you're worried about someone's rabid pit bull giving your furry friend a thrashing, don't be. People with dogs named Killer obey park etiquette and keep him on a leash. Kinder canines run free along a block of grass and trees, which is enclosed by steep hills to keep the poochies away from traffic.


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