The Putting Edge Where have you gone, Malibu Mini Golf? Our city turns its lonely eyes to you. What's that, you say? Mountasia Golf has left and gone away? Of Houston's once-glorious mini-golf trifecta of Mountasia, Malibu and Celebration Station, only Celebration Station remains. Thankfully, locals wanting some pizzazz in their putting experience need look no further than the Putting Edge, the glitzy new mini-golf mecca in I-10's Marq*E Entertainment Center. In this indoor world, the black walls surround a psychedelic, fluorescent hodgepodge of scenery (think weird '70s sci-fi set) where everything glows -- the trees, the balls and even the clubs. So while it may not match mini-golfing outside on a balmy Houston evening, there's something to be said for getting off the perfect 20-foot putt, sending it around a winding trail and watching your glowing ball disappear into the night.


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