Best Sports Role Model (2004)

David Carr How's this for guts? Week four of the season. Texans down by three at home against Jacksonville. Two seconds on the clock, and our guys are just inches from the goal line. If David Carr hadn't made you a believer before -- what with his glitterati good looks and Roman demigod athleticism -- No. 8 won you over on this day, with a quarterback sneak for the ages. Houston is a town that loves big risks, and Carr earned himself a place in our hearts with that victory over the Jaguars. Plus, he's one of that rare breed of sports idol actually worth idolizing: no DUI rap sheets, no illegitimate children, no vials of coke or dead hookers found in the trunk. Just a No. 1 draft pick with a great arm and an even better head on his shoulders. Oh, yeah -- and gut, lots of guts.


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