Best Jukebox (2005)

The G.R.A.B.

When you walk in this joint, the last thing you expect is a killer jukebox. If you come in early, there's a few old codgers watching Jurassic Park or Seinfeld, and the hip-o-meter registers zilch. You expect to find the juke stocked with plenty of Journey, Stevie Ray and Steve Miller, with a little Buffett thrown in for that -- cue Hank Hill voice -- "fun in the sun" vibe. And the G.R.A.B.'s box has all that. But then what's this? Fifty-odd tunes by the Ramones sprawled across two CDs? A UGK full-length? A Violent Femmes retrospective? Classics of old-school hip-hop by Run-DMC, LL Cool J and Eric B & Rakim? And it's not all oldies, either -- there's also the latest from Gorillaz, Bloc Party and a mess of other fresh new hits. What gives? Well, there's a sign posted on the juke that says the owners will put your favorite CD on their box if you ask 'em nicely. And then there's the fact that DJs Ceeplus and the Dum Dum Crue have been making this place a regular haunt for a few months now, and one would suspect they have a hand in the juke. Anyway, it's a welcome surprise.
Readers' choice: Mezzanine Lounge


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