Best Local Musician Who Left Town and Will Truly Be Missed (2005)

Brian McManus

Brian McManus -- also known as Brian McGuilloteen, the rowdy guitarist for the Fatal Flying Guilloteens, and as Filthy McNasty, the rambunctious, R&B-singing front man for Filthy McNasty and the Rhinestone Life (not to mention the Press's former Nightfly) -- has picked up and moved to Philadelphia. Anyone who's ever seen the paunchy, punchy, Gary Busey-looking fool perform knows how unfortunate it is that he isn't part of the Houston music scene anymore. After the musician, chef and nightlife menace moved away, he promptly went on tour with the Guilloteens. People all over this land are now experiencing what we have sadly lost: a crazy-ass white boy who truly, sincerely, brilliantly doesn't give a fuck.


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