Best Radio Host (2005)

Charlie Pallilo

When it comes to sports knowledge, everyone in the city is sprinting for second place behind Charlie Pallilo. Much like his fellow sports junkies Marv Albert and Bob Costas, Pallilo is a graduate of Syracuse. It was the reading of Albert's book (the aptly titled Yesss!) at age 12 that convinced the young and future Orangeman to make a living talking sports until he was blue in the face. It was a fateful day in '89 that this sports animal migrated south from the big bad frozen tundra of New York State. "I admit that when I moved down here," Pallilo says, "the thought was a couple of years in Houston would help me along, and the next stop would be back in the Northeast. But the career went well, Houston is a terrific place to live, with tremendous diversity in almost all areas, and this is the place for me. Very few 75-degree January days in New York City." Catch him weekdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.


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