Best Rapper (2005)

Devin the Dude

Who is Mike Jones? Who cares? Devin the Dude's the rapper who matters most round these parts, a vintage-Cadillac-drivin', blunt-smokin', Bud-drinkin', bitch-runnin' fool who also happens to be a hilarious, stone-cold genius. Devin's the rare rapper who never boasts in his rhymes -- instead, he just lays out his life and those of the alter egos he inhabits, which run the gamut from the perpetually smashed Cooter Brown to the weed-fiending space alien Zeldar to the well-meaning but ignorant redneck in "R&B." A true hip-hop artist in a town brimming with aspiring corporate rappers, Devin is this city's John Coltrane, and they're nothing but a bunch of Kenny Gs.


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