The breakfast tacos at Gorditas Aguascalientes include eggs with carne deshebrada, ham, bacon, chorizo and potatoes, and they're all built on handmade flour tortillas. The sensational chilaquiles, which are served on the side of the huevos rancheros, are made with dark chile sauce and white cheese. Don't miss the machacado, a popular northern Mexican breakfast made with eggs and dried beef. Tejanos are also fond of the taco de barbacoa and the menudo. The antojitos here -- sopes, gorditas, huaraches and the rest -- are cooked to order with the fresh corn dough called masa. They come to the table piping hot and lovingly garnished with refried beans, lettuce, sour cream and the filling of your choice. Fresh-squeezed orange juice mixed half and half with fresh carrot juice over ice is the best breakfast beverage. But this taqueria also has smoothies, horchata and other aguas frescas, as well as fresh-brewed coffee. The cheery tiled interior make it a charming morning hangout. A little Spanish goes a long way here.

Location Details

6102 Bissonnet St.
Houston TX 77081


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