Best Korean Restaurant (2005)

Green Pine Tree Bar & Grill

Green Pine Tree Bar & Grill looks a little like a Korean speakeasy. There's a neon-lit sushi bar on one side of the room and a half-dozen dining nooks with semi-secluded tables on the other. The attractive dining room in between features two rows of tables separated by a room-length divider and a sparkling mirrored column. These are the best tables in the house because of their built-in barbecue grills. To do your own cooking at the grill table, you must order two or more Korean barbecue items. The boneless short ribs and bulgogi (spelled "bool gogi" on the menu) are among the most popular. Or get a family-style Korean barbecue dinner for four. (Ask for one without offal, unless you're keen on intestines.) You grill your meats along with garlic and jalapeno slices, flip them right off the grill onto romaine leaves, and make yourself a lettuce taco with the hot sauce and condiments provided. The sushi, bibim bap and other Korean specialties are also excellent.


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