Best Sake (2005)

Zake Lounge

Warm rice wine isn't for everyone. In general, true connoisseurs like it cold -- especially on a hot Friday night in Houston while a DJ spins Japanese house music. The staffers rock at this ultra-hip sushi bar, and they won't mind letting you taste their many different types of sake. The top sake also has the best name, the Poochie-Poochie ($21). It's extra-smooth and, of course, served cold. The next best is the Momokawa Asian Pear ($11), which is infused with fruit and is super-crisp and light. The Poochie-Poochie is good by itself, but why not throw the whole "reserved connoisseur" thing to the wind and mix your own sake cocktail with Japanese Sprite and lime slices poured over rocks? The staff might look at you funny, but after a few glasses, you'll be looking at them funny, too.


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