You may think you prefer authentic Mexican enchiladas made with imported queso, but that's only because you haven't eaten at Larry's lately. Sure, the American cheese-filled enchiladas here are relics of the 1960s. But the truth is Larry's old-fashioned cheese enchiladas taste better than those earnest enchiladas made with real cheese. Only processed American cheese will melt into those viscous yellow swirls that mix so brilliantly with the dark brown chili gravy. And only processed American cheese keeps its oozy consistency after half an hour of beer-drinking. Keep your congealed authentic Mexican enchiladas sprinkled with salty, waxy queso. Vintage Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas, stuffed with processed American cheese, slathered with cumin-scented chili gravy and topped with generous clumps of grated raw onion rule! And Larry's makes them just like the good old days.

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