Best Lawyer (2005)

Barry Scheck

Okay, this is technically cheating, since Barry Scheck is based out of NYC, but screw it: Scheck's Innocence Project helped get two wrongly convicted Texans out of prison last year. One of them was George Rodriguez, a Houston man who served 17 years for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl. (Since other prisoners consider child-rapists the lowest of the low, we can only wonder what prison was like for him.) Rodriguez was convicted in part by HPD's crime lab magicians -- you know, the guys who admitted to falsifying evidence and lying on the stand. This is the same HPD that tripped over 250 boxes of misplaced evidence two years ago, some of which pertain to capital cases. But Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal opposed a moratorium on such cases. He told the Senate Criminal Justice Committee in January that he can sleep well at night. Scheck was the sole voice of reason in addressing the committee. Sitting between the two dudes he helped free, he told the committee that, you know, maybe there should be, like, some oversight and accountability and stuff. You know, just an idea. And then we're sure he got the fuck out of Texas.


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