Best Mexican Bakery (2005)

Arandas Bakery

The four-foot portly baker outside Arandas Bakery on Airline represents all things hot and yummy. Grab yourself a stainless serving tray and a set of tongs here at Jose Camarena's first Houston bakery and start loading up. The fresh-baked empanadas, pig cookies, orejas and cream horns run the entire south wall of this spotless eatery, where a crack team of aproned assistants keeps the operation running smoothly. Piping-fresh bolillos spill forth from a stainless-steel mouth at the far end of the store every 15 minutes. And anyone who knows anything about these white buns knows that straight from the oven is the only time to consume them. Need something sweeter? An assortment of flan and tres leches cakes is also available, along with custom-order wedding and birthday cakes.


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