Best Place to Buy CDs by Local Musicians (2005)

Sound Exchange

You just witnessed an awesome set by one of Houston's many local bands, and now you're freaking out because there was no merchandise available. No fear, local music lover, Sound Exchange is here. This music hotspot lets local bands hawk their latest material. Beat freaks can find DJ Sun, Freedom Sold and Geto Boys. Stoners will get more than a bowl's worth out of the Linus Pauling Quartet, Charalambides and Cosmik Power Trio. Noise purists can get an earful from Rotten Piece and MassMurderMedia. Plus, indie and punk rockers can get an ample sampling of their kind on the local I Hate It Here, I Never Want to Leave compilation. Sound Exchange is the place to shop for Houston music.

Location Details

1846 Richmond Ave.
Houston TX 77098


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