Best Plants (2005)

Buchanan's Native Plants

The ecosystem as we know it is in crisis. Invasive species like popcorn trees are decimating our East Texas forests, and water hyacinths are clogging our streams. Bravely battling this trend one backyard at a time are the native-plant guardians at Buchanan's Native Plants, gardeners fighting to ensure Texas will always be Texas, no matter what Chinese or South American shipping companies release at the Port of Houston. To join the biotic resistance, head to Buchanan's Native Plants in the Heights, grab some "soil soup," some green cloud sage, some weeping yaupon holly and start planting. While you're there, you might as well pick up those stylish rubber garden shoes and some Kid's Herbal Armor. After all, it's a native jungle out there.
Readers' choice: Teas Nursey


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