So, you want to dress as a naughty elf for that certain someone. Or you want to dodge the landlord (an inconspicuous glam metal wig and pair of Bono shades). We suggest you hit the full-to-bursting rooms at The Way We Wore, which offers an almost endless selection of everything from oversize mushroom hats to false teeth. Whether your kick is identity theft, fetishism or posing at Swing-a-Thons in crisp, new bowling shirts, stop in here for your first stab at glamour. A top hat and tails could help you talk your way into fancy parties, while the right collaboration of tie-dyed platform shoes and bawdy Victorian garb could actually get you committed -- you know, if that's your thing.
Readers' choice: Buffalo Exchange

Location Details

2602 Waugh Dr.
Houston TX 77006


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