Best Cheap Seats (2005)

Astros Powerade Tuesdays

Baseball used to be the cheapest of all major-league sports, but those days have gone the way of the VHS player. The best seats now are not exactly impulse buys (paying $35 to sit next to the foul pole?). Luckily, the Astros are offering some cheap alternatives. The best of them happen on Powerade Tuesdays, when you can get two seats in the outfield for a buck each. You can't get much cheaper than that, and the best part is that you're not stuck in those faraway seats; as long as you don't mind standing, head to Home Run Alley and watch from up close as the dingers come your way. Get there early enough for a spot on the rail, and you've got it made. You'll still be paying ransom prices for food and drink, but you can't have everything.


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