Best Cheerleading Squad (2005)

The Aeros' Sonic Boom

At first glance, a hockey cheerleading squad makes about as much sense as a Zamboni in the outfield, but there's no doubt about it: The beautiful, talented women of Sonic Boom will make a hollerin' hockey fanatic out of the biggest sushi-munching sports snob. Not that the Aeros need any help whipping the crowd into a frenzy -- hockey in Houston is just downright fun -- but when these cheerleaders make their way through the stands, it's the icing (the good kind) on the cake. Plus, you can even visit the Aeros Web site and read about your favorite Boomer. They all prefer love over money, and they all want to end suffering, war and animal cruelty. So not only are they awesome dancers, they're awesome people as well.


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