Best Texan (2005)

Andre Johnson

After just two seasons, Andre Johnson has established himself as the Texans' best receiver, a deep threat with Velcro hands who should get ready to make annual reservations for the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. He and quarterback David Carr may turn out to be Houston's version of Montana-to-Rice or Aikman-to-Irvin. Like Michael Irvin, Johnson is a former University of Miami standout; unlike the former Cowboy -- or 95 percent of the players from the trash-talking Hurricanes -- Johnson is a quiet guy who leaves the chest-thumping to others. He's also quickly established a reputation for being a big community guy. His Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation focuses on helping kids from single-parent homes, and earlier this year he hosted a celebrity weekend to benefit the "I Have a Dream" Foundation. Both on and off the field, this receiver has been a great catch for the Texans.
Readers' choice: David Carr


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