Best Band Name (2006)

The Squishees

Lead guitarist Erik Westfall, whose band was formerly known as the Slurpees, once said that he knew the band would make it big if they were ever sued by 7-Eleven. Well, they came close: After a write-up in the Chron, the group received a cease-and-desist letter from the home of the frozen treat. And so Westfall and Co. changed the band name to the Squishees and have kindly asked friends, fans and press to avoid associating them with the copyrighted beverage. (We promise that this is the last time, guys.) Of course, it's never a good idea for an up-and-coming act to change its name so early in the game, but the group had to look no further than The Simpsons for a familiar-sounding replacement. Let's just hope Matt Groening enjoys flattery more than litigation.


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