Best Curator (2006)

Paola Morsiani

Italian-born Paola Morsiani brings a broad range of art to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. In the past year, she organized an exhibition of work by an international art star, an installation from a little-known Albanian artist and a group show of emerging Houston artists. She also co-curated a fascinating survey of works by Andrea Zittel, an artist whose pieces stray into design and architecture: compact and portable living spaces, all-purpose fashion and other products for better living. Morsiani's show of Adrian Paci's culturally derived video installations (read: professional mourners and disappearing icons) introduced the Albanian artist's work to Houston audiences in his first U.S. exhibition. Working locally, Morsiani put together the first museum show for four Houston artists making diverse work with a narrative bent, addressing everything from middle-class Iranians to chemical plants to darkest suburbia. Morsiani's attitude toward artists is egalitarian, with her primary focus being on interesting work.


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