Witnes's skills on the ones and twos, plus his ability to keep a steady scene at The Proletariat's "Rockbox" every Thursday, are what make him worthy of Best DJ honors. (And his radio show, Late Nite Snax with The Grinch on KPFT/90.1 FM, brought Houston the latest in local, independent and vintage hip-hop until it was given the ax by the programming board earlier this year.) Witnes (a.k.a. Michael Zapata) first established his place on the Houston night scene as a regular DJ for events involving the urban art collective Aerosol Warfare, and he's always been willing to lend a hand to aspiring artists looking for a break. Along with resident DJs Stiletto and Dayta, "Rockbox" usually includes one or two newbies looking to test their skills, and an impressive selection of indie up-and-comers, proving that Wit, who chooses the performers, is keeping his ear to the streets.


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