Best Microcinema (2006)

Aurora Picture Show

Aurora Picture Show operates like an innovative art gallery and is based on the theory that each film -- and each artist -- is a piece of a bigger picture. Now in its ninth year, Aurora presents curated film shows during its 11-month season, occasionally peppering its lineup with treasure hunts, art contests, guest speakers and rowdy, homespun celebrations. Although Aurora's primary cinematic venue is the creatively transformed A-frame church in the Heights, the Aurora faithful have attended APS events in art venues throughout the city, including on-the-go with Aurora's Mobile Cinema-on-a-Scion and Floating Cinema, which was projected on a barge in the middle of Buffalo Bayou. While it's always nice to relive the nostalgia of Casablanca on the big screen, Aurora takes microcinema to the next level by keeping the old and making it new.


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