Best Performance Space (2006)

The Axiom

Old punkers fondly recall The Axiom, the semi-decrepit club in the Warehouse District east of the George R. Brown Convention Center. Since 2001, though, the facility has been best known as the home of Infernal Bridegroom Productions. Even though IBP has added the luxury of working bathrooms, the club still maintains its raffish, low-rent charm. It's a remarkably flexible place, with a 99-seat theater that comfortably contains all that IBP's creative staff can imagine, plus a bar area with a smaller stage perfect for more intimate shows or live music. The outdoor deck offers the fresh air that used to come courtesy of the punk club's hole-ridden roof. The entire space is edgy enough to provide a frisson for slumming suburbanites and just renovated enough for old punkers tired of stepping over urine puddles. And, of course, it has IBP.


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