Much like a foamy pint of Guinness, a Bloody Mary is a drink that eats like a meal. And when you're faced with returning to the sober world on a Sunday morning -- but need a little help -- there are few better meals than a Bloody Mary. But the drink requires work: a dash of pepper, Tabasco, maybe some salt and the obligatory celery stick. Stagger into Griff's for Sunday Bloody Sundays, where the helpful folks will drop a generous helping of vodka in your glass and point you to the Bloody Mary bar. All you have to do is concoct. It's easy, what with the tomato juices, mix, Tabasco, celery salt and more. Garnish with pickles, asparagus, green beans, carrots and the good ol' celery stalk. Hell, it's basically an alcoholic salad. Bloody Sundays are only held during football season, so we suggest you show up early, mix your Mary and scream for the Texans.

Location Details

3416 Roseland St.
Houston TX 77006


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