Best Caesar Salad (2006)


The Sabor version of a Caesar salad is a return to the dish's glorious past. Made on a cart at tableside in a big wooden bowl with a coddled egg, plenty of anchovies and a host of other ingredients, Sabor's Caesar dressing is closely patterned on the original, which was invented by Italian immigrant Caesar Cardini at his Tijuana restaurant in 1924. You get a huge mound of fresh, crisp romaine leaves with the signature dressing, but no tomatoes or other junk. The sublime salad, like the rest of Sabor's "Latin Lite" menu, is designed to appeal to spice-averse Mexican-food lovers. Jon Paul, former matre d' to the rich and famous at Tony's, is Sabor's owner and host, and the salad's secret ingredient is his bubbly bonhomie.


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