Best Greasy Spoon (2006)

Himalaya Restaurant & Catering

Greasy hamburgers, fries and chicken all have their devotees in this town, but if you want to try a place that has really earned its grease, look no further than Himalaya. At this Muslim-Indian joint, a massive dose of oil and meat fat carries off an equally massive dose of piquancy, perfectly blunting the sharper edges of a delicious bouquet of spices. Try the goat biryani; the rice glistens with tasty unctuousness, and the meat is so tender it falls off the bone. The saucy dishes (stick to the meat fare) carry off a vindaloo-like punch. This is no place for sissies. Plastic grease guards cover the wooden tables. Sweat and oil will stream from your pores. But when it comes to prospecting the heart-stopping outer limits of flavor, this place serves liquid gold.


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