Sure, it's cool to sip a $12 martini on a cushy chaise longue in a chic hotel bar. But sipping a cheap martini while sitting thigh-to-thigh with strangers on a cramped couch in front of a fireplace -- a televised fireplace? That's cool. That's the Davenport. The place is so cozy (casually claustrophobic) that there's no room for egos or snootiness. And with martinis such as A Nice Pair or the Peachy Keen going for so cheap, there's nothin' but love there. The Shepherd Plaza mainstay sports more than 500 bottles of liquor, including something like 50 vodkas. Let the barkeeps serve you up a Bombay Sapphire martini and enjoy the kick from a very generous pour. Leave the prissy cocktails and attitude to the downtown set. The Davenport is way ring-a-ding-ding, baby.

Location Details

2117 Richmond
Houston TX 77098


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