Best Mojito (2006)


Call us purists, but we love enjoying a good mojito in distinctly South American environs. And when we want to sip on the pretty, minty cocktail and watch pretty people, we head to Arturo Boada's Beso (Spanish for "kiss"). Downtown scenesters, young professionals and hip South Americans flock to the restaurant, where the bubbly, effervescent Amy tends bar. With the efficiency of an assembly-line worker and the skill of a lab scientist (and the zeal of a cheerleader), she fills tall glasses with large fresh mint leaves and muddles them down. Then come the fresh lime juice, sugar, ice, light rum (Bacardi for a light refresher, or Meyers's Dark for a mellow sipper) and a splash of soda. For a fruitier spin, Amy whips up a berry mojito, featuring fresh raspberries and mint mixed with Citadel vodka. Want a little more sugar? Just ask Amy, who's got plenty herself. "I try not to touch the glass too much when I make them," she says with a giggle, "or they're too sweet to drink." Awwww.


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