Best Sake (2006)

Zake Sushi Lounge

The bass booms at the chic Zake Lounge, where Asian hipsters with asymmetrical hair mingle with Inner Loop hotties in halter tops and Montrose bohos in Birkenstocks. While amped-up dance versions of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" (huh?) and Paul Simon's "Call Me Al" (WTF?) throb overhead, regulars order chilled blue bottles of Moonstone Sake -- a sweet, smooth number with hints of peach -- and sip it from small, clear glasses. Others down Zipang, a sparkling, bubbly citrus sake that tastes like a fruity beer (or Sprite with a kick), from little black ceramic cups or straight from the bottle. High rollers nurse the more traditional (and way more expensive) Hakushika Chokara Dry, a full-bodied spirit. Can't let go of the brew? Try a Zake bomb. A colorful cup is filled with beer, and a cup within the cup is filled with sake. It's a great table shot, and a delicious way to learn sake with a chaser.


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