The half-bottles are called "Mini Mes," and there's a whole page devoted to wines for "wine geeks" on this, the hippest wine list in the city. Subheads include "All that Shimmers" for champagnes, "Clean Whites" for crisp white varietals, "Dirty Reds" for the big Cabs and Zins and "Rose Water" for the newly fashionable ros varietals. But beyond the bon mots and wine-world witticisms, there's a concise yet impressive collection of great bottles. The list includes both innovative and economical bottles as well as some of the classics. There are trendy New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, highly allocated wines from Gaja in Italy, big Burgundies from the Cte d'Or and trendy Pinot Noirs from California. Former Brennan's of Houston chef and sommelier Chris Shepherd put this list together before he left, and we look forward to reading the wine list at Shepherd's newest venture, the Catalan Food & Wine Bar, which opens soon at 5555 Washington Avenue.

Location Details

3300 Smith
Houston TX 77006


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