Best View (2006)

From the inside of the Dubuffet sculpture

Looking down on Houston from the fancy restaurant high atop the Hilton Hotel downtown can lead you to ooh and aah. But looking up at the city from street level is even better, especially when viewed through French artist Jean Dubuffet's zany, cartoonish sculpture at the corner of Louisiana and Lamar in the skyline district. Dubuffet's work, a seven-piece sculpture of squiggly shapes and towering totems painted in bold stripes and set in a crude circle, appears odd and misplaced as only public art can. But step inside its warped walls and you'll be viewing downtown with a new set of eyes. The artwork doubles as a jungle gym, with caves to climb through and nooks to hang from. It frames the sky, the street, the public library, City Hall and the surrounding glass towers, replacing their staidness with childlike exuberance. Check out every angle. Just be careful not to hurt your neck.


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