Best Arborist (2006)

Kris Bitner

One of the only things that make Houston tolerable during the dog days of summer is the gorgeously green trees that embower the city. The soft shade of the live oaks, pecans and crepe myrtles that grow so profusely here can make the unforgiving heat seem almost worthwhile. So it's horrifying to walk through your backyard and discover an ailing tree; buckled bark and a canopy full of browning leaves are downright scary. Thankfully, Kris Bitner and her green thumb can save the day. Educated at A&M, the tree hugger from way back when knows just what to do for a bug-ridden, fungus-filled tree. And if she and her magic potions can't save the one you love, this woman who seems to know just about everything there is to know about dirt, photosynthesis and urban forests can help you plant a whole new miniature jungle to make up for your loss.


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