Best Dog Trainer (2006)

Loralei Zwitt

Fido still isn't listening when you calmly explain that jumping on the furniture is costing you a fortune in upholstery-cleaning fees? Trainer Loralei Zwitt can teach you how to get your message across effectively by utilizing her famous motto: Think like a dog. Houston's own dog whisperer has nearly 20 years of experience using posture, tone and rewards to help pets live up to their reputation as man's best friend. The best part is that Zwitt serves as a mentor while you learn to raise your status to exalted one, realizing your full potential as leader of the pack. Once Sparky sits, stays and politely shakes hands, reward him with one of the great treats from Zwitt's full-service joint. Give him a bubble bath at the grooming facility or bond over coffee (with two- and four-legged friends) at the cafe. The giant activity center gets two paws up for its group and individual playtimes, flyball, agility course and frequent special events. Woof!


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