Best Hobby Shop (2006)

Maridawn's Scrapbooking

It seems as though everyone's doing it: preserving family memories in a personalized scrapbook. But where do you go when you need supplies? You'll find everything and we do mean everything at Maridawn's Scrapbooking. Don't know how to make a scrapbook? No worries. The Maridawn staff can show you. They have beginner's classes as well as workshops on designing pages for all themes: birthdays, sports, Mother's Day, pets, baby, holiday and school. The store also hosts classes on making magnet boards, greeting cards, book covers and recipe boxes. You can even use the store's cropping tools and digital picture station while you're there. If you can't get to a class, there are a few sample pages online just to get you started. Be sure to get on the Maridawn mailing list for money-saving coupons and information about the latest events.


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