Best Magazine Selection (2006)

Issues Magazine Store

Issues offers no coffee bar, no hearty muffins, no place to sit and page through periodicals. Heck, it hardly offers a place to park. But the store's lone location on Shepherd has that certain something the big-box book behemoths don't. Namely, it's not a big-box book behemoth. Devoted almost exclusively to glossies, Issues boasts more than 3,000 titles, ranging from the dutifully mainstream to the downright obscure. All the standard political, celebrity and music fare is represented, alongside a smattering of scholarly journals, poetry reviews and the occasional radical-culture mag such as Clamor and Lip. Fashionistas have their pick of hard-to-find international rags. In the Lifestyles section, the marijuana mag Skunk rubs spines with American Cowboy and Farm Ranch Living, which nestle against the feminist journal Bitch. If that doesn't grab your attention, check out the store's healthy array of gay and straight porn. Take that, Borders!


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